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Window Security Mesh

The window security mesh is an important element that can add to the safety of your house. It covers all the parts of the windows that are vulnerable and can make it easy for an intruder to break in. Moreover, a window security mesh can add to the architectural elegance of your home place. Let’s review one of the best window security mesh units available on today’s market which is GriffinGuard® from Access & Security Systems Ltd.If you are searching for maximum window protection, Access & Security Systems Ltd has the right product that meets your need. GriffinGuard® looks as if it is an elegant tinted window, except that it is an armored security screen with a stainless steel window security mesh. The frame of the mesh is made from Aluminum with beading that covers all the attack surface’s fixings. The frame comes in a wide array of colors. The mesh is made from chromed stainless steel that is highly corrosion resistant, as compared to other galvanized products.GriiffinGuard is a mesh that is designed to easily blend with the architectural style of your house while acting as an efficient visual deterrent. Moreover, GriffinGuard is a powerful security mesh that prevents vandalism, burglary and noise. The window security mesh can be tailored to fit any window size and provide maximum protection and security measures. The GriffinGuard allows about 60% of the sun rays through it; thus, it provides maximum security with minor alterations to the workplace environment.The mesh from Access & Security System Ltd comes with a fire escape that is easy and quick to release. Hinges can be added to the security mesh which simplifies window cleaning. The anti-graffiti finish option of the GriffinGuard allows graffiti paints to bead off rather than stick when removed by the cleaning kit that come with the anti-graffiti finished window security mesh.Although the chromed stainless steel window mesh is very strong, it is rather thin. Moreover, it is less liable to rusting than other similar products that are present on the market. Other security meshes that are made from galvanized products are less corrosion resistant and fail the salt spraying corrosion test, because the punching processes, used in manufacturing galvanized products, leads to steel exposure which increases the incidence of rusting. On the other hand, the window security mesh from Access & Security System Ltd is manufactured using punching techniques that have no effect on the chromed stainless steel.The GriffinGuard can be tailored to fit almost every window size. The maximum size of a single window security mesh is 2.6 meters by 2.5 meters. However, larger windows are secured using multiple window meshes joined together. Perfect optical illusion can be offered by a matt black that is non-reflective; thus, giving a stylish look while ensuring security and protection against damage.The window mesh from Access & Security Systems Ltd is the perfect choice to ensure maximum security of your windows plus providing an elegant look to the outside of your house.

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8 Direct Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

No matter what industry you are in, no matter what media you use to market your business, these 8 do’s and don’t are what I have found create the biggest impact to my marketing results.#1 Do Develop A Clear Mental Picture Of Your Target ProspectIt’s not good enough to create a marketing campaign with just a fair idea of who you are talking to. Researching exactly who you plan to sell to is the most important thing a business can do. You should be able to explain in detail what an average day in their life is like.#2 Don’t Try To Sell To EveryoneBy trying to make your products and services appeal to a broad market you dilute the potency of your marketing message. You will get a lot more people who really connect with what you are saying and avoid attracting customers who are more trouble than they are worth.#3 Do Have The Courage To Make A Bold PromiseOK, so some people may think your full of hype. But to a prospect who actually needs and will buy your products it may be the best thing they read all year. If you can solve someone’s problem, then tell them about it for god sake. Lay on the benefits you provide one after the other until all buying resistance is crushed.#4 Don’t Beat Around The BushYou’ve seen it “Satisfaction Guaranteed”, “Quality Service”. Sounds very nice but what does it mean and how does it help your prospect. If you do provide great customer service tell them exactly how you do it. “We respond to all inquiries within 30 minutes”, ” All products delivered to your door within 3 days”.#5 Do Be SpecialThis is so important. If there is nothing special about your business, no reason for someone to tell all their friends and family about their buying experience with you, then I’m sorry but you’re in trouble. Your point of difference could be your wide range, your service guarantee or customer convenience.There are 14 specific ways you can differentiate your business in a positive way, you must find one.#6 Don’t Copy Your CompetitionAs a Copywriter it’s painful to look at most the websites and yellow pages ads out there. When a business owner is creating copy for a new website or Ad, 95 out of 100 times I can tell exactly where they are getting the bulk of their content from, their competition.Please don’t let this be you.#7 Do Give Your Prospect A Reason To Respond NOWEveryone is so busy these days that if your marketing doesn’t get your prospect to at least take some kind of immediate action, chances are they never will. How many products or services have you seen advertised that you actually wanted to buy, but for some reason got sidetracked and never ended up buying? Add a time limit and extra bonus of for the first 50 customers and watch your responses soar.#8 Don’t Think One Ad Will Change EverythingMarketing is an ongoing process of testing, tracking and tinkering. People who may not respond today may respond next week or next month. Keep your business visible as much as possible and consistently communicate the benefits your offer the customer.I promise you if you consistently apply all these Do’s and Don’ts to your business you will attract more customers and grow your sales.

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Consuming Health Care – Are You Prepared?

As a culture of consumers, we are constantly bombarded by advertising on the airwaves, marketing in our social media and commercials during our commutes. This has led to a lifestyle of perpetually shopping around to find the best deal, the best product, and the best experience. However, the one arena that this occurs much less in is healthcare.Why not be a cultured consumer of healthcare? Healthcare consists of material goods like medications and medical devices such as walkers. Healthcare consists of deals, like those distributed by insurance providers. Healthcare is ultimately an experience: how was your visit to the doctor’s office? How clean was the hospital room during your stay? How did your specialist treat you? Not only is healthcare the sum of all of these things, it is also much more influential than what company provides your Internet or the latest generation of your Smartphone.The reality of health care though, is there often is not an opportunity to shop around. When truly you need health care, you REALLY need health care; i.e. when you are having chest pains you are not going to spend a week researching which hospital has the lowest rates of nosocomial infections (hospital-acquired infections) and the best cardiology units. This is why it is so important to find all of your primary providers (like your general practitioner or your dentist) as well as emergency providers during times when you do not require their services. Some questions to ask are:- Which general practitioners are not far from my home? The best GP may be an hour away, but can you make it that far when you are afflicted with a high temperature & upset stomach?- What’s the best hospital in your area? How close is it? Do you know if the ambulance services take your insurance, and if so, how much will it cost you?- What specialists like dermatologists or cardiologists could you potentially require? What is the wait time to get an appointment?Many people are shocked to find that few general practitioners in their area are taking clients or there is a 4-6 month wait to get into see the medical professional they require. These are important facts to find out PRIOR to your emergency. When you truly are in need of help, you are more likely to make rash decisions out of desperation, which may result in dissatisfaction with services, as well as a higher bill.What do you do to find the market price for your medical ministrations? First off, know your benefits. What exactly does your insurance cover? Does your insurance take care of specialized visits such as gynecological exams or health screenings? Which part of your insurance covers emergency visits & hospital admittance? Do you have supplementary benefits, which can extend your coverage?After doing research on what your insurance covers and where you can use it, get an idea of average health costs of some services you may require. Not only can you call around, there are also some great resources on the Internet. Check out Health Care Blue Book ( ), a free guide that estimates the cost of services in your area, similar to the guidebook for automotive purchases.What does a hospital stay look like if you do not have any insurance? Take for example Janet, a 74-year-old female who traveled to the United States to visit her family for the holidays. Janet had travel insurance, which would reimburse her for one emergency visit and a select number of medications during her stay in the United States. Janet had no prior health issues to list on her travel insurance, so her premiums were low and she felt comfortable with her coverage.Unfortunately, during her trip it was discovered that she had high blood pressure Her blood pressure became so high that she had to visit the emergency room to receive immediate treatment. During her four-hour stay, she had an electrocardiogram, a CT scan, blood drawn, and a urinalysis performed. She was also given antihypertensive medications and seen by one doctor, four nurses, one care aide, one phlebotomist, taken to see the CT tech by a porter, and admitted to the hospital by a hospital administrator. The antihypertensive prescribed by the doctor and administered to her by a nurse were effective, and she was discharged home with her blood pressure at a healthy level and a prescription for anti-hypertensives.The total of her four-hour hospital stay charged to her credit card was $700. Many people ask why is this so much? Janet was seen by more than ten people (all with varying salaries), not to mention those who cleaned Janet’s room & filed her paperwork after she was discharged. Besides the physical bodies executing her care, Janet had several tests performed which required numerous supplies, machines, and software. It takes a community to effectively staff a hospital, all with different knowledge and skills. Be prepared for this cost to increase as you seek out more specialized services and practitioners.Regardless of your medical issues (or lack of issues), it is important to be prepared, like Janet. Despite not having prior medical problems she still took out medical insurance, which ended up saving her a significant amount of money after she was reimbursed by her travel insurance company. She knew where the hospital was and a nearby pharmacy if needed. However, back in Janet’s hometown, Janet did not have a general practitioner because hers had recently retired. She was not looking for a GP nor was she aware of a local walk-in clinic that she could visit, now that she no longer had a GP.We need to start treating our bodies like our cars. We take out emergency service insurance in case we get stranded, we take our cars in for periodic tune-ups, and when a funny noise starts we go to an auto shop, which we have researched and therefore trust. I have previously discussed the importance of preventative care, but the key to really taking care of your health is BEING PREPARED. So start to create your “emergency car kit” and get acquainted with the medical services in your area – your body will thank you.

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The Usefulness of Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans

Understanding commercial real estate bridge loans can seem complicated, but it isn’t really. When someone wants to purchase a piece of commercial real estate, and needs time to undertake some task such as property improvement, finding a tenant, or selling the property, commercial real estate bridge loans can make this happen.Typically, these loans are planned around terms of six months to one year. However, sometimes the lender will allow the owner the option to extend this loan for an additional six months to one year. The fee for this extension is usually between ½ point to 2 points. This type of loan can be thought of as a “financing bridge” that takes place between the acquisition and development of a property and the time before a permanent, traditional take-out loan is enacted.They can be useful in situations where a borrower wants to purchase a commercial building and is approved for a SBA loan. However, the conventional SBA loan is contingent upon one year of successful business. The borrower gets the money to fund the project by arranging for the seller to carry back thirty percent of the purchase price of a property. The borrower then secures a commercial real estate bridge loan for the remaining portion of the loan. The loan enables the borrower to go ahead and purchase the property and establish a good, solid operating history that qualifies it for conventional, long-term financing.Permanent commercial loans cost less than commercial bridge loans because commercial real estate bridge loans are only designed for the short haul. They are usually paid off whenever the property owner gets permanent financing. This is after new tenants move in or improvements to the property have been made. These loans generally do not have any type of a prepayment penalty.Sometimes, banks will extend loans in cases where a borrower has a large reserve of cash and excellent credit. There are many different kinds of commercial loans. One is called an “opportunity fund.” This is a special fund that has been established to provide commercial real estate loans that are high-yield. These types of loans require special understanding and expertise. Real estate financing experts refer to these as “no-brainer deals.” This means they are uncomplicated deals that are so straightforward that even a finance rookie could understand them. Typically, the types of people who invest in opportunity funds are those with endowment trusts, pension plans, private trusts, and some REIT’s.If a borrower has credit that isn’t great, not much money to pay down on a commercial property, and little or no commercial real estate experience, that person may have to go to a “hard money bridge loan” lender. These kinds of lenders supply commercial real estate bridge loans based on the equity in a specific property.

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